Well I have got my laptop back after being re installed. I hope that it will now run correctly, but I doubt it!
But How about this for a set up.
Had the machine re installed, and returned ready for use, or so I thought!
Turned on to try, yep seems alright, except none of my software is there, it’s all gone.
Got my files, on a rewrite disc. Had visitors arrive, be polite better turn off, see it has to update as it closes. Don’t have time to wait so leave it to do whatever.
Updates that time 116.
Turn on to find it goes thru configure machine does that after a long wait, then get more updates to be done, this time 37 same again install turn on another wait, then after a few minuets of slow use, up pops update this time 98 updates decided that this time must be the last of these updates! Wrong another 27 must be the last! Wrong another 35, and another 33 and 1, total updates 347. I have to ask, why if the reinstall is within the computer (You don’t get a disc anymore) system, doe’s the reinstall install the upgrade when the running o.e.m updates. Then when you have a system problem that requires a re install it just installs an up to date operating system. I suppose that the poor buggers who are still using XP never get past the basic o.e.m if they go wrong no moneybags have stopped support.
Sorry about this rant, but sometimes………………………
Maybe i will be lucky this time, but i am not so sure as it’s still not as fast as it was before it went wrong. Oh well, we will see!