Walsall player 148. Jean-Jacques Eydelie

Jean-Jacques Eydelie (born 3 February 1966 in Angoulême, Charente) is a French former footballer most noted for his role in the Marseille match-fixing scandal of 1993. A midfielder, Eydelie began his career with Nantes, before joining Marseille in 1992. His first season at Marseille was a success, with the club finishing top of the league, and winning the Champions League, but shortly after the Champions League final (in which Eydelie appeared as a substitute), it was revealed that he had contacted three players at Ligue 1 club Valenciennes (Jorge Burruchaga, Christophe Robert and Jacques Glassman) on behalf of the Marseille board, in order to offer bribes. Marseille needed to beat Valenciennes to secure the championship, and had induced the Valenciennes players to “go easy” in order that the Marseille players would not be overly exerted before the Champions League final. It was Glassman who reported the bribe, which resulted in Marseille being stripped of the 1993 French title, banned from defending the Champions League (although the win still stood), and relegated to Ligue 2. Eydelie was banned for a year by FIFA, given a one year suspended sentence, and served 17 days in prison. Members of the Marseille board were given longer prison sentences, and Valenciennes players Burruchaga and Robert received FIFA bans for their involvement. Upon his return to football, Eydelie had a nomadic career, he trained for a few months at Benfica, played in England, Switzerland and back in France before retiring in 2003. From 2006 to 2007 he was the manager of amateur club Limoges Foot 87.
In 2006, Eydelie released his autobiography, telling of corruption and doping during his time at Marseille. Former OM chairman Bernard Tapie sued unsuccessfully for libel (which he is planning to appeal), and former team mate Didier Deschamps has also threatened legal action.

1987 Panini Laval Jean-Jacques EYDELIE

19841986 Flag of France Nantes 25 (1)
19861987 Flag of France Stade Laval 17 (0)
19871988 Flag of France Tours FC 34 (3)
19881992 Flag of France Nantes 107 (3)
19921993 Flag of France de Marseille 40 (0)
19941995 Flag of Portugal Benfica 0 (0)
19951997 Flag of France SC Bastia 53 (1)
19971999 Flag of Switzerland FC Sion 29 (1)
19991999 Flag of England Walsall FC 12 (0)
19992000 Flag of Switzerland FC Zurich 11 (0)
20002001 Flag of France US Avranches – (-)
20012003 Flag of France Beaucairois Stadium

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