Walsall player 21. Sammy Holmes

Sammy Holmes
Born Walsall 1870 deceased
Walsall fc 1892-1901 games 381 goals 108
Sammy played for Walsall for all of the first eight seasons in which they played in the football league. He had tremendous energy and always involved in the action and had the honour of scoring their first ever League goal. He caused the opposition defenders endless anxiety with his cutting runs and was as sharp as anyone when he got inside the box. His career, like so many of players on the Saddlers books, ended early by injury.
He went on to play a few games for Dudley, but effectively finished when he left Walsall.
Although I could not find much on Sammy, I did find this on The Walsall Wall (official site) you can go over to get a better read!
Though they did not gain a place among the 12 founder members of The Football League in 1888, Walsall Town Swifts beat Burnley – one of the selected 12 – in the first home game of that season. A striker by the name of Sammy Holmes achieved the distinction of scoring the first-ever goal for the Town Swifts.

Defender, Albert Aldridge was twice capped for England during that first season, in which another notable event came in the shape of an FA Cup tie against Wolves at the latter’s Dudley Road ground. Despite an early goal the Town Swifts crashed to a 6-1 defeat.

Read more at http://www.saddlers.co.uk/news/article/history-318445.aspx#BBsIupRLuwTw0RYx.99


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