Walsall player 18. Norman Forsyth

Norman Forsyth
Born November 1869 Walsall
Darlaston F C
Walsall F C 78 games 9 goals
Willenhall Town F C
Norman Forsyth played for Walsall in at least 8 different positions on the football pitch.
He was playing for Darlaston Football Club when he was spotted, and signed for The Saddlers in July 1891. He was to play initially as a n inside left, he played there for his first season. He then played at Left Half and played there during Walsall first season in the football league. He then played in the forward line for the 1892-93 season, he also played inside left, inside right and centre forward. 1893-94 season started with him playing as a right half, however he soon made his position as Left Half and he stayed there for the most until he left for Willenhall in 1895.
No pictures and very little information available on Norman.

I am a little confused by the stats available for Norman as on recordit states that he only played 78 games and scored 9 goals. However! it seems strange that if the other facts are correct! That he only played 78 games in a career in which hw played so many positions yet played only 78 times which is less than 20 games a season! Any one out there with Ideas why this should be so!


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