Old pictures from Brownhills Bob.

Bihills Carnival

These two pictures are from Brownhills Bobs Brownhills Blog. I have taken them and ran them by my photo software to try and make them better. I hope that you enjoy them.



3 thoughts on “Old pictures from Brownhills Bob.

  1. Hi thereI have just changed my ISP and am losing this email account.Can you please change my address on your records to:noel.harris660@gmail.comMany thanksJohn Harris

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    • Thats done John, Thank you. Hope that you are well. Did you ever get an answer from either Cheslyn Hay or Wyrley History societies about Hawkins Lorry etc. They have not been in touch with me, but then I suppose I really would not expect them to being that I put them in touch with you. I do hope that they did. Regards Mike.


      • I have been guilty of not touching genealogy for a while. Too many other demands (including two new grandchildren).
        Roll on retirement when I can decide what I want to do in a day!


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