Old Family Pictures. 1.

Now I have to admit that most of the ancesters in these photos, I don’t know. However there are pictures of Wedding groups, School pics, Salvarion Army pictures and holiday pictures. I am sure that purely from a historical point of view, that there will be someone out there who will find them interesting. The pictures will have the wording that goes with each one, not my words, that way it’s more genuine

.1908.Charles LinnellCharles Linnell 1908

1908.Griffiths Family GroupGriffiths family group 1908

1915. Williams family group.Williams Family group 1915

1918. Williams familyWilliams family 1918

1923.  Dad's weddingDads Wedding 1923 (another Griffiths wedding.

1923. Mom and dad's wedding2nd Aug 1923 at Rosemary House

1928. Emma(Doll)  Howarth1928 Emma (Doll) Howarth.

1928. Wilfred Morgan and Emma(Doll) nee HowarthWilfred Morgan and Emma (Doll) Howarth 1928

1928. Wilfred MorganWilfred Morgan 1928.

Agnes Hunstone (nee Tranter) b.1851Agnes Hunstone (nee Tranter) born 1851

Albert Hunstone as a Young Man b.1897Albert Hunstone born 1897

Alfred Brindley  b.1844Alfred Brindley born 1844


Annie Griffiths born 1897

Annie Powell, nee BestwickAnnie Powell nee Bestwick

These are the first half a dozen or so, others will come.


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