This Blogging!!!

This blogging thing aint half perculiar! Why? i can hear you thinking!. Well for over two weeks I have not been able to commit myself to doing my blog. consequently I did not know what to expect when i took a look today.

Well during the time I have been away from this, my visitors I would have expected to have dropped  off, but my viewers have been variable from a low of 53 on April 11th up to 993 on May 1st. Those are viewers and not views actual items looked at vary from 86 on April 11th to 3341 on May 1st. The thing which amazes me, is that over this period (with no Football blogs) that my older blogs about my life, work and family are the ones that have been viewed. The last two days have seen the item on a family ancester (Henry Thomas Gaskin) who was a murderer, killing his wife and cutting her up and putting the remains in the Gas works in Cannock. He was found Guilty at Stafford County Court and Hung in Winson Green. The pictures have been borrowed, by some of the viewers, especially the one of His Mom and Dad.

The items about Brownhills Motor Sales were also looked at quite a few times, so I probably have to take this. That perhaps my life has been interesting to other people and I still expect to start a dedicated blog on The family as soon as I can find time, in the meantime, I hope that you continue to view and find interesting items within there.

Back soon, Mike


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