No Posts till next week.Got to go somewhere.

No posts today or tomorrow. as getting ready for the big day. Sandwiches and drinks, Shirts, scarfs Lapel Badge, Flags etc. Win or lose, it doen’t really matter (Yes it does!) as long as our first visit to the Hallowed turf, is a good day all round. Taxi to Brownhills, in the morning, to catch the coach at The Hussey Arms (to meet up with the rest of the family) and off we go to Wembley. Never been to London, never needed to, before. Got to take some selfies and other pictures (if possible) and just enjoy the day. A little worried about what the view will be like, as we are on the corner flag area,but it will be better than not being there. So in memeory of our Dad and the good old Fan club that used to be in Brownhills. the shout will be. ‘ CUM ON ME BABBIS’


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