Follow up on Shropshire and Staffordshire.

Following on from Mondays late post for the ShropshireandStaffordshireBloodBike cause. I now put up for you to read the flyer which they issue. I ask that if you are a charity fund raiser to maybe think of helping them to raise much needed funds. You more than anyone will know how important raising funds for a new charity, and how hard it is, This is a very important service with The way that the NHS funds are being stretched, the money is just not there for the Taxi fare which this service used to be paid for. This service is not new to this country, but it is new to Staffordshire and worthy of our help.

As I said on Monday, you can read their blog on WordPress or follow on Facebook and Twitter.



Please consider the fact that one day (we all hope not) you yourself or someone close to you may need this service, and what would happen if it was not there. No money for a Taxi to carry the blood to the Laboratory. Could be your child awaiting for a blood test for cancer or some other illness, so next day could be too late!.


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