Walsall foreign player. 31. ‘Rubén Darío Larrosa’

‘Rubén Darío Larrosa’ (born 12 April 1979 in Argentina) emerged from the bottom of the Football Club Argentino city Lauquen Dam. Now a professional footballer side currently playing for Italian Football League ASD Aprilia calcium, where he plays as a Front Forward
He has played for different clubs throughout the world, such as Juventud de Las Piedras and C.A. Cerro (Uruguay), Gama(Brazil), Hailong (China), UD Marbella (Spain), Persib Bandung (Indonesia), Walsall (England).

Ruben WFC Ruben2

Year              Team                                 games     goals

2002              C.A. Cerro                                33     (18)
2003              Gama                                        9       (5)
2004              Hailong                                    12       (7)
2005              UD Marbella                             16       (8)
2005              Persib Bandung                        18       (7)
2007              Walsall                                    15       (8)
2007-2008       Birkirkara                                13       (8)
–                    Ischia                                      10       (6)
–                    a.c.d Aprilia calcio *

* I think that this means either player manager or player coach… Look at those stats a goal every 2 games not bad eh! Not much out there for Ruben sorry.


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