The Great Debate

The Great Debate
The BIG VOTE is over! Scotland have voted to stay in the union of Great Britain, or the United Kingdom, whichever you wish to call it! However! Now that they have made their decision, shouldn’t we get a vote on whether or not we wish to stay as part of that same Union?
Cameron, Clegg and Red Ed, have all said that Scotland will get more powers transferred to Hollyrood, that they will have more control over the running of their country. I hope that means that the Scots are politicians will be kept out of Westminster. That we can run our own affairs without a Scottish prime Minister (because they should be looking after their own) and I know that some of the best Prime ministers we have had were Scots, but times change, and now we need good English men to stand for us!
The Welsh have their own Assembly, the Scots have Hollyrood so the English should have their own place, whether we run Like the American States with an overall government, with each place running its own lives. It may not be fair, until we try we won’t know, will we? I for one am going to be very interested in what Cameron comes up with not for the Scots, Welsh or Northern Irish, but for us English.
Would we, if given the same vote that the Scots had yesterday, have voted the same! I think maybe not. I think that maybe we would have voted to get away from the moaners (like Salmon and Sturgeon) who get more money per person than us to pay for the NHS, schools etc.
If they (the fishy pair) had won their freedom from the rest of the U.K (Their words, not mine) they would have been calling for the terrible Three to resign, bet that they don’t even consider doing that. They actually made such a bad job of things, during this Referendum, that if I was a member of the SNP I would want them to go.
I look forward to the next few months, so that we can see what the TT, cobble together to appease The Public, whichever country we were born in. We certainly deserve a better kind of person to represent us in Parliament. Most of them are self cantered and self first self last once we elect them.
The worst thing for me is the way that they run each other down! Take our prospective parliamentary candidate who recently ran a blog about big a pension pot the sitting member would have when he retires. However there was no mention of the sitting MP in the neighbouring seat, who has been an MP for almost as long, and should have a pension pot as big.
STOP PRESS: The news has overtaken my blog. Salmon had just announced that he has quit as leader (Sturgeon must follow)


One thought on “The Great Debate

  1. My dad drove for him for years, he drove quite a few of the buses in the pictures, he can tell you plenty of stories about Albert and felix, my dad drove the first bus into union street


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