DUPLE and Thomas Harrington (Part 3)

DUPLE and Thomas Harrington (Part 3)

Here is one last post on Harrington which I found after the last post. There is an Harrington Society which has some of their vehicles which they show, from time to time. This account says that they last met in 2012. I have done a search but cannot get any information come up, abiout the organisation!

The Harrington Society
Many Harrington vehicles, buses, coaches, cars and miniature coaches survive, ranging from a late 1920s Leyland to Cavaliers, Grenadiers and five Legionnaires, one of which is a replica of the Italian Job coach. Every five years the Harrington Society hold a gathering at the Amberly Museum to celebrate the coachbuilder and its products. The last gathering was in 2012 and was attended by Roy Harrington, Clive Harrington, Anne Hanrahan ( née Harrington ), Michael Harrington and Christine Harrington. Many cherished examples of the marque, both cars and coaches, were on display.


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