“Butch” Cassidy Now Leader of a Body of Brigands in Argentina (1910)

Heres a newspaper report for all you western fans out there!

“Butch” Cassidy Now Leader of a Body of Brigands in Argentina (1910)
(From the Ogden Standard – February 21, 1910)
Former Utah Outlaw and Two Other Daring Hole-in-the-Wall Train Robbers Are Now Terrorizing South American Republic


Photo – “The Wild Bunch” – front row, left to right: The Sundance Kid, The Tall Texan, Butch Cassidy – standing, left to right, News Carver, Kid Curry – Houston, Texas, circa 1900.
DENVER – The Denver News today says that the State Department in Washington is in receipt of a dispatch that three outlaws from the United States, whose names were at one time upon the tongue of every person in the Rocky Mountain region, have taken up their residence in the Argentine Republic and are leading a band of brigands so powerful that the government itself is forced to pay them tribute. They are masters of a great cattle ranch, which extends into the mountain fastnesses, where are located the headquarters of the outlaws.
The American leaders of the outlaws are George Leroy Parker, alias “Butch Cassidy;” Harry Longbaugh, “The Sundance Kid,” and Harvey Logan, alias “Kid Curry.” Logan was the leader of what was known as the “Wild Bunch,” the gang of outlaws that infested the Hole-in-the-Wall country in Wyoming. Parker held forth in “Buzzard’s Roost,” an inaccesible mountain retreat near the point where the Colorado, Utah and Wyoming boundary lines run together. Each, with their followers, preyed upon the railroads, participating in scores of train robberies, and are credited with many murders. Logan was the most desperate and by far the most resourceful of them all. He has fought and killed officers of the law and no prison has been strong enough to hold him. It is said that the Union Pacific has spent half a million dollars in trying to capture him. Logan’s escape from a prison in Knoxville, Tennessee, when he lassooed a guard with a fine wire, bound him, took his gun and forced a stableman to give him the sheriff’s fleetest horse, on which he escaped into Wyoming, is one of the most spectacular feats of prison-breaking on record.


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