Dunn and Hale

The address is 240 High Street, Brownhills.

The building is still Basically the same as when it was put up. The facade has changed, the business has changed overr the years, but originally it began life as the premises of J & B Cox’s Motor Garage.

Taken over in 1937 by Dunn & Hale motor car propietors, during WW2 they were involved in troop movements., After the war had ended they began Glider tours taking people to the seaside.

 There is not much information out there with regards to Dunn  and Hale (Glider Tours) and of course because the company was taken over by Harpers in the 50’s there cannot be many people alive who remember them.

Here are some pictures charting the business.Dunn hale Dunnhale Glider1 gliders1 anchor

Please if you have any information about either Dunn and Hale, Cox’s or anyone else connected with 240 High Street, Brownhills feel free to let me know. Who knows there even maybe someone who went to the seaside with Glider. We went with Churchbridge to various seaside places as kids.




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