Collins Express Seek More Vehicles, While B.R.S. Surrender Six

Collins Express Seek More Vehicles, While B.R.S. Surrender Six

This is the last post (at Least for the time being) as I have run out of free time on Commercial Motor site. I may try At a later date to see if i can get more time! This one is from:-
11th September 1959
Page 65

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[ON on the application by Collins Express Parcels, Ltd., Walsall od—to increase their A-licensed fleet by 16 vehicles and their receipts estimated £50,000—was reserved by the West Midland Licensing ity, Mr. W. P. James, when the case closed in Birmingham last week.
Much thought and deliberation had gone into the application, which had been part heard during April and May (The Commercial Motor, April 24 and May 29) said Mr. Harold Rogers for Collins. Earnings per vehicle had risen from £2,737, in 1957, to £3,186 in 1958, he added. There had been serious complaints from customers and the company had decided to increase their fleet.
British Railways, British Road Services and Hunts of Studley, Studley, Warwicks, objected to the application. Mr. B. W. Lennard, branch traffic superintendent of B.R.S,, said that 292 vehicles were operated by B.R.S. in the midlands area affected by Collins’ application. There had been a fall in traffic and B.R.S. had surrendered, or were in the process of surrendering, licences for six A vehicles.
Mr, J. S. Owen, a British Railways passenger official, confirmed a fail in traffic, but admitted that there had been a 10 per cent_ rise in rates, in August, 1958.
Hunts traffic manager, Mr. W. Spilsbury, said their business had not been falling off. Their vehicles were fully employed, and they had a number of common customers with Collins, he added.
Mr. R. C. Oswald, for the Railways and B.R.S., said Collins admitted that they were seeking new customers. Between 1954 and 1957 there had been a rapid build up from 58 to 79 vehicles, which they were now proposing to increase further.
For Hunts, Mr. D. E. Skelding said there had been an estimated £27,756 from new customers during 1958—almost doubling the existing figures. Collins were “over vehicle-ized,” he said, and added “it is easy to prove a need for increase when vehicles are only partly employed.”
THERE had been a reduction of 7m. 1 passengers on Liverpool transport department vehicles during the past two years, stated the general manager, Mr. W. M. Hall, in his annual report. He said that this was due to the increase in the number of car owners—which went up by five per cent. each year, This fact also caused the congestion which reduced the average speed of a Liverpool bus, through the city centre during the peak hours, to 6+ m.p.h., he said.



2 thoughts on “Collins Express Seek More Vehicles, While B.R.S. Surrender Six

  1. re dun and hale i remember it well there first office was at the bottom of new road i have an old photograph of my grandma and i think mrs dunn standiing by the door ibelieve the naere
    ason harpers bought glider inthose days there were road licences to seaside and other popular resorts dun and hale had blackpool thomy gutteridge was a pricipa l driver gussey sauders had the welsh area yes if it was black pool it was dun and hale the old road aer reg god bless thanks for the memory


    • Anytime Reg, I remember you from the good old days back in Brownhills. I am so glaad that it bought back memories to you. On another blog on my site I put a poem about the change of century and the different things which had occured. I toyed with the idea of getting you to perhaps do an update of it. maybe you will after you have seen it. All the best


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