Roosevelt Shot and Wounded By Crank; Speech Saves Life (1912)

I have another one maybe two blogs to do on Collins but while I sort that out heres another story from an American newspaper from the early 20th centuary.


Roosevelt Shot and Wounded By Crank; Speech Saves Life (1912)

(From the New York Tribune – October 15, 1912)
John Schrenk, of New York, Fires at Ex-President as He Leaves Hotel in Milwaukee and Narrowly Escapes Lynching by an Angry Mob
MILWAUKEE – A desperate attempt to kill Theodore Roosevelt failed tonight, when a bullet aimed directly at the heart of the ex-President and fired at short range by a would-be assassin spent its force in a bundle of manuscript containing the address which Colonel Roosevelt was to deliver tonight and only slightly wounded the third party candidate for President.
The assailant, who afterward said he was John Schrenk, of No. 370 East 10th Street, New York, was all but lynched by the excited crowd which witnessed his attempt on the life of the ex-President. It was only by the use of the clubs of four policemen and the revolvers of four of the Police Department detectives that the man was rescued from the crowd and hurried to Police Headquarters.
Not less dramatic was the scene at the Auditorium, where the colonel was delivering an improptu speech, than that at Police Headquarters, where the police were trying to force from the assailant an explanation of his attack on the ex-President, which was in part explained by a long proclamation to the people found in his pockets.
In spite of the entreaties of physicians Colonel Roosevelt insisted on delivering his address.
“I will make this speech or die, one or the other,” he exclaimed.
Henry F. Cochems, one of the Wisconsin Progressive leaders, told the great crowd which had assemble in the Auditorium that Colonel Roosevelt had been shot and asked the people to be calm. The crowd was thrown almost into a panic by the announcement, but Colonel Roosevelt calmed the people by rising and assuring them that he was not badly hurt.
Then he began his address. Several times he seemed to be growing weak, and members of his party rose to help him. He motioned them to sit down.
“Let me alone, I’m all right,” he said.
The colonel spoke from 8:20 p.m. until 9:45. He then was taken to the Emergency Hospital for treatment. An X-ray of Colonel Roosevelt’s wound shows that the bullet lodged in the chest wall and did not penetrate the lung. The wound is not considered serious.
Colonel Roosevelt left the hospital at 11:25 p.m. and was able to walk unassisted.
“I am feeling fine,” he said.


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